Get fit fast in Jiu Jitsu Roswell Kickboxing class. We will make sure to help you follow your new year promise to get back in shape. Jiu Jitsu Roswell Kickboxing class instructors have learned from the best national and international instructors, including two-time US Kickboxing Champion, South-American Boxing Champion, and European MMA Champion. Whatever your goal is, the Jiu Jitsu Roswell Kickboxing instructors and are there for you to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Kickboxing training is a great way to get fit fast and you will be in great shape in only few weeks. For example, one of our students lost over 30 pounds in the first two months of training with us. And while you are having fun in the Jiu Jitsu Roswell Kickboxing class, you will also learn effective skills to defend yourself and you get a feeling of empowerment like never before.

Jiu Jitsu Roswell Kickboxing classes are never boring. We use several creative training techniques to make your kickboxing class engaging and fun. For example, you may use body shields in some classes to work on your power striking and kicking techniques. In addition, in other classes you will use speed balls and other tools to improve your speed, accuracy and footwork. These are just few examples of the creative techniques and drills we use to ensure learning the right skills and also make your training engaging and fun.

Unlike many other kickboxing classes, we don’t just put you in front of a bag and leave you to it. Most of the striking and kicking training in Jiu Jitsu Roswell Kickboxing class involve training with a partner to ensure best learning experience – the bag does not punch you back! Also, we recognize that some people want additional challenge. Therefore, you will partner both with other students on your level, as well as with more experienced students if you want. This will provide you with the opportunity to test your limits and push your learning.

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