Jiu Jitsu Roswell offers reality-based mixed martial arts classes in Roswell for adults, teens, and kids. In addition to learning essential MMA skills in our training, you will also learn how to apply your new mixed martial arts techniques in real-life situations.

Why are we different?
Jiu Jitsu Roswell’s approach to mixed martial arts training is reality-based, so we will make sure that you will be able to use your skills for self-defense and personal safety situations. We teach many professional groups that must use their mixed martial arts skills in real life, to stay safe outside their MMA class. Therefore, many security and personal safety professionals trust the reality-based MMA techniques we teach for them to stay safe. Some of these groups include police officers, bodyguards, bouncers, and probation officers.

There is a reason that these professionals trust the mixed martial arts classes in Roswell to our professional instructors that have over 30 years of experience. Some examples of our credentials include training with Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion in Brazil, German Jiujitsu Federation in Germany, Hokutoryu Jujutsu in Finland, and US Kickboxing Champion in the USA.

One of the problems with the regular mixed martial arts class offered by most studios is that the techniques they teach are for sports application. There is only one attacker – who happens to be right in front of you (how lucky), referee to make sure you follow the rules (this means that you are taught a long list of techniques you are NOT allowed to use in your MMA training or to defend yourself), and no weapons allowed. Unfortunately, the reality on the street is far from this!

Jiu Jitsu Roswell reality-based mixed martial arts class takes your learning to a whole new level. We simulate reality and make sure you are NOT conditioned to follow rules that can get you killed on the street. Because in real life there are no referees, no rules, and no “saved by the bell”. And the bad guys are more likely than not armed, and they are usually not attacking you alone. So ask yourself this when you choose your mixed martial arts studio: are you prepared?

And one more thing. Most MMA studios focus on building on your strengths. We take the opposite approach by ensuring that we improve your strengths, but more importantly, we focus on working harder on your weaknesses. This weakness-based approach helps you to become a stronger individual, both physically and mentally.


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